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Type of Chemical Selected sources Examples Effects
Neurotoxin Paint, gasoline, burning coal, fish consumption Lead, mercury Impaired learning, nervous system disorder, damage to brain, kidneys, liver
Carcinogen Mines, groundwater, building materials, soil, industry Arsenic, asbestos, PCBs, radon, vinyl chloride Cancer, impaired breathing
Teratogen Alcoholic beverages, phramaceuticals, tobacco alcohol Reduced fetal growth, brain and nervous system damage
Allergen Rood, latex, pharmaceuticals, pollutants Peanuts, milk, shellfish,drugs Breathing difficulties, hives
Endocrine disruptor Herbicides, insecticides, plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals Atrazine, DDT, phthalates Feminization of males, early onset of puberty, low sperm count, thin eggshells of birds

Review videos – these videos will help you prepare for the test. While you watch them jot some notes.













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